Sunday, January 1, 2012


  Improve Performance                        Solve Conflict                                                     Solve Conflict 

(One Day WORKSHOP followed by coaching sessions)

Do you have employees complaining about their work constantly? Do you have employees that overreact to minor hassles, report being overwhelmed, and complain of minor health aliments? If so, you could be dealing with employees who are feeling burnt-out.

Burnout is an overstress state due the inability of the employee to cope with work-related stress. It leads to feeling of exhaustion, frustration along with deceased performance and frequent sick leaves.

By joining this workshop your employees will be able to learn the following: 
- Burnout definition 
- Burnout signs and symptoms
-Tools and techniques to avoid burnout
-Tools and Techniques to take care of your self
- Tools and techniques to solve conflict

8 hours of interactive workshop followed by three Coaching Sessions

All Employees who works in an organization with high demands i.e NGOs, Hospitals, Banks
Expected number of delegates: 12-20 employees


Dr. Mohammad Bushnaq
Dr. Bushnaq received his Bachelor in medicine from Istanbul University, Turkey in 1995. He pursued residency training in internal medicine in Jordan in 2004, and then he received his Fellowship training in palliative medicine in San Diego Institute of Palliative Care.
He is the chairman of Jordan palliative Care Society and active member of Jordan Pain Society, and he is a temporary adviser for EMRO-WHO for palliative care.
Based on his specialty, he is interested in capacity building and training for issues related to quality of life, including wellness, burnout, self-care, and conflict.