Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Vision, Mission, Policies and Procedures will make your Employees not dissatisfied?

Written by Nisreen Qaqish

A month ago while searching for a new office to rent in Al Husseini Mall by chance   I entered to an office for a poultry company I cannot really remember the name of the company.
First I thought, Great!  they seems serious about their vision, but then after a deep thought I remembered that all companies have their vision written somewhere i.e. website, profiles and /or on their walls .

So are they really genuine about what is written? Do they have a strategy to implement it? Do they have a business plan? Are they implementing it? Do employees believe in the vision and take it seriously. Is it a part of the company’s culture and values or not?

It was difficult to me to answer all of the above mentioned but even I advise all companies to have the following set of policies and procedures and or frame works

1- Company Vision, Mission and Value:
For me I do believe that the vision, mission and values are your company DNA.What is your company DNA? How you should communicate it in order to be reflected to your customers

2- Strategy and Balance Scorecard
Having your DNA is really nice however to succeed you need to build a practical achievable strategy that is translated into clear goals and levels to all level in the community through i.e. balance scorecard, performance management.

3- Work Standard Operating Procedures
Having Standard Operating Procedure Manual for your company will make work easier as the communication lines between internal and external will be identified, conflict due to miscommunication between employees will be less and defiantly you will receive fewer complaints from customers which will make your employees not dissatisfied

4- Code of Conduct HR Policies and Procedures and your Employee Hand book
Code of Conduct, Employee hand book, and HR Policies and Procedures that is aligned with your overall strategy will create the internal values that you want to engrave in your employees and reflect on your customers.

Once you develop the entire above mentioned make sure to integrate it within your company culture and values and not only papers in the cabinet. Believe in what is written and drive all your company to believe in it. Work on your management and your supervisor to deliver it to all your employees and improve it continuously to match the need of the business your employees and your customers.